iPrint - Delivering Innovative and Technologically Forward Printing Solutions

CIO Vendor Printing is one of the human race’s most far-reaching cultural achievements and a medium that has been necessary for businesses throughout history. The printing industry has been an intrinsic part of our life since its invention. In India, the printing industry has undergone revolutionary changes in two decades. 3D Printing industry is expected to be the next billion dollar Industry in India. Factors such as 3D printing evolving from developing prototypes to end-user products, mass customization, production of complex parts, government investments in 3D printing projects, and improvements in manufacturing efficiency are driving the growth of this market.
In the modern day, most Indian buyers are young and open to experimenting with new products and printing methods. This has led Indian industry to become one of the major print producers and manufacturers of printed paper on a global scale. India is on the cusp of a great evolution leap and the coming decade will see a lot of innovation in applications and technology products for local and as well as the export market.

However, the print industry is highly fragmented and is not without its own share of challenges like the need to continuously innovate and adapt to new trends, the shift in consumer behavior and technological advancements. Mumbai-headquartered iPrint has been successful in tackling these challenges. Along with being technologically updated, the company is also at the forefront in experimenting with and communicating new concepts, and application to customers. This has been one of the key ingredients for it to remain high in growth trajectory for almost a decade.

Adding Value to Printing Projects
iPrint has been in the industry for over 30 years, offering offset printing services. In 2007-2008, it completely altered itself in order to cater to the technologically advanced age and started offering digital printing services. It was one of the initial firms to expand the concept of UV Wide Format Printing and Direct printing applications and also entered Environmental Space Branding and Banking Segment in no time. Jigar Shah, Founder, iPrint proudly delineates that his team is committed to bringing in new and innovative applications and mediums, giving its clientele something new every time. iPrint thrives to constantly innovate and add value to all the projects regardless of the size.
iPrint offers two kinds of printing services namely Offset Printing and Digital Printing services like Short-run and Wide Format Digital Printing services. Jigar, positive about the future of Offset printing states, “Offset printing will continue to flourish in the coming decade but after a while, downward trend would start just like hand press, screen printing, Tradel machinery, Zerox offset printing platforms.” The world is going digital which makes it obligatory for businesses to transform the way they function, focus on innovative applications and adapt the latest technology. For example, a decade back printed wallpaper/ wall-covering would have been a myth but now they are steadily replacing self-adhesive vinyls. Within digital printing as well, old technology is getting replaced with something faster, precise and cost effective.

Creating Distinctive Products through Innovation
The company believes in two points while delivering offset printing services namely application based offset printing and comprehensive offset printing process. iPrint has an innovative approach in handling printing assignments and is a one stop solution, which means it takes complete care of the product if it needs unique fabrication then the company would look for all the possible avenues to achieve the required finish and look. The company always looks forward to opportunities to undertake strategic initiatives which increase their ability to create distinctive products through innovation.
“iPrint has endeavored to be the one-stop destination for each process that a printing job entails. Our comprehensive set-up hosts all processes vital to the completion of an offset printing job and helps clients save on cost and time along with ensuring the best quality print output,” states Jigar.

iPrint has uniquely positioned itself as an application based service provider with a focus on printing. iPrint goes beyond the traditional medium to deliver. What makes iPrint stand out is that they make sure that they don’t limit themselves to delivering prints and always stay ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements

Digital Printing can be used to achieve numerous possibilities and helps the end user to be innovative while helping them choose a creative medium for digital printing. “Wide Format Digital printing solutions are confined to B2B right now. But within a decade or so, every household would choose customized printed wall-covering or vinyl or wallpaper over traditional painting,” explains Jigar.

Wide Format Digital printing plays an important role in promoting brand value, brand communication via different mediums, be it retail stores, internal office communication or even different spaces. Same goes for Digital printing solutions in terms of short run, be it visiting cards, brochures or catalogs. Digital printing solutions in terms of short run help promote branding and marketing for a particular brand or business.

Employing Latest Technologies to Keep Up With the Market Trends
iPrint considers indoor space branding as their forte. The company thoroughly studies the clients’ requirements, looks into different aspects and only after that they share the proposal aligned with the requirement. iPrint’s team provides its clients with the whole outline of the project and suggest different material options in a transparent form along with a range of budget which facilitates easy fulfillment of the project and requirement.

iPrint is associated with the leading OEMs as well as leading material suppliers. It helps them in improvising and upgrading easily, making getting access to best material and technology simple. When asked about the future of the print industry, Jigar explains that in the coming years, the print industry will flourish but not in traditional mediums. Printing market in India will become more competitive and one will have to employ contemporary methods to introduce latest products, applications and concepts. Unless that’s done, it would be very difficult to sustain. Areas, where no one imagined printing application could be possible, are one of the biggest markets of the printing industry today.

The Last Word
iPrint has forayed into environmental space branding along with 3D Print applications. Jigar concludes by saying, “Printing industry is innovative and full of learning scope as compared to other industries. iPrint is not merely a printer. We have executed and will continue providing application-based services for projects. We look forward to exploring 3D prints along with improvising ways in internal wayfindings signage system and bringing in new technology and applications. Promoting and promising what we believe in.”